What they are saying.

Selo   23 Dec 2016
I would like to say thank you to Bonnie. The service that I received was amazing. The personal interaction between you and your clients about their wants, needs and expectations makes it even more amazing.  Keep up the good work.

Tracy    19 Aug 2014
I have really enjoyed doing this. I feel better, I have less back pain and my waist has shrunk!! I will keep going as long as I can. The customer service is also fabulous.

Jeanine   29 Jul 2014
This concept is awesome. I have MS and regular exercise isn’t an option for me. I purchased the package and even renewed it. I have lost 16 1/4 inches and feel great. I followed all the suggestions by the staff, drinking (a lot) water, cutting all sugar out of my diet. Miss Bonnie and her daughter Cameron are totally thoughtful, knowledgeable and genuine nice ladies. I am taking a break but I will go back again. Best thing I could have done for myself. Thank you…

Vanessa    07 Oct 2014
I am absolutely pleased with the treatments and especially the service!!! My first visit with Bonnie was such an amazing experience, as soon as I walked in I was treated like family. Bonnie sat me down on my first visit and we discussed all of the necessary things I had to do to get the best results. Drink lots of water, get at least three days a week of exercise and maintain your diet. My money was well spent! This REALLY works if you stick to a healthy life style! I’m seeing results, I decided to buy another package!

Confidential    23 Oct 2014
Nice clean room. Very friendly staff. In three sessions I lost over three inches. Make sure to follow their instructions about drinking water and exercising. I highly recommend NC Laser Fat Loss of Cary and will be going back for more sessions!

Confidential   17 Nov 2014
I work out, eat right, and I’m always on the go, but I have some to lose over my stomach and hips from having kids. I have tried many things to lose it but nothing has worked for me. I bought the Groupon and went there. At first I was wondering if it really worked. After 3 visits I lost 4 inches from my hip area, 2.5 inches from my stomach, and 2 inches from my mid drift. I am planning on buying some more visits and keep going since this does in deed work. After every visit I go to the gym and work out for at least 30 minutes doing cardio then going on and doing other machines. I’m not one to drink much liquids but i have also been pushing the water drinking between 45-64 ounces a day. When I snack I snack on fruit, veggies, and nuts. I also watch my calories, salt, and carbs intake. If you work at it and make an effort you will see results like I am seeing. The technician is very helpful and friendly as well.

Confidential   26 Jul 2014
I could not believe myself how much it worked out for me. Just in 3 sessions I lost 4 inches around my waist ! I would highly recommend this place for people who are looking for best results !!